Boxing – Fight Fitness Style

Fit Box

A highly motivating workout, ideal for all ages and regardless of sex , where calorie consumption is very high and that is the best in the key formula fitness to discharge stress, tensions and anxieties. You will get immersed in the noble atmosphere of boxing and martial arts, you wear gloves and ties, you’ll feel all over  the fighter spirit ( “Soul Fighter”) and you will be involved in a lesson where, hounded by the energetic rhythms of music, you will feel charged and find emotional outburst against a lot in mobile base, in a climate of serenity and deep empathy: you find yourself more trained, more toned, gratified and certainly more serene!
A modern fitness boxing model, which combines exercise, fun, simplicity and safety, with Abir as your trainer having many years years experience, but in a profoundly innovative organizational context, a methodology steeped in history, tradition and experience, but very rich in new ideas technical and educational.

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