The Gladiator Workout

Gladiator Workout

THE GLADIATOR WORKOUTS® with their exciting concept and set of ‘ready-to-use’ fitness workout formats is an inspiring training system. It is expertly designed to deliver overload and incentives to achieve results on physical goals like fatburning, hormonal response, cardiovascular progression, afterburn, strenght and endurance.

Abir bdul Reda is a certified instructor are is a skilled motivator and understands the need to let the clients experience fun and succesful training in order to stay committed. She is able to deliver high quality training and coaching. As a certified instructor she has the skills to adapt every workout to fit all ages and abilities.

The basic course includes:

  • ‘SPARTACUS workouts’ – circuit based formats
  • ‘MAXIMUS workouts’ – superset based formats
  • ‘TITUS workouts’ – drills, teams, competition, skills

Each system has many different workouts, all according the same guidelines. For indoor as well as outdoor use. With or without equipment.

Taking everywhere they are presented by storm, all three workouts have their own signature structure and focus on strength / cardio / core / speed & agility / muscle endurance and function. Join us to experience and learn how these three powerful workout formats can give you endless possibilities to train your clients, groups as well as one-on-one.

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