Nirvana Breathing

The Nirvana fitness™ is the most relaxing flow of uplifting positive music beat, simple to follow pilates/yoga toning exercises and conscious rhythmic breathing to detox the body & experience the Nirvana mind. On a mission to make the world breathe again!

We need to breathe more slowly and deeply in daily life. Quick shallow breathing results in oxygen starvation which leads to reduced vitality, premature aging, poor immune system and a myriad of other factors. NirvanaFitness uses prolonged exhalation breathing technique in order to deepen breathing, slow it down to produce amazing array of benefits, including optimum oxygenation and deep sense of relaxation through conscious breathing.

Music, movement & breathing, all executed in one continuous rhythmic flow, producing feeling of super calm mind while toning up the whole body and charging you with extra new energy with the help of most efficient pilates/yoga exercises.

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